A Moment to Look Back On

WEEK 1: Re-enacting Baby Photos

So I decided that the request post was a waste of time. I’m very excited to cover this cycle. I’m going to cover the first NTM cycle I ever saw, ANTM’s Petite cycle, 13. Although the cycle was a bit boring, I still deem it as one of the best, I mean it made me watch the older cycles and follow the upcoming ones, and watch other NTM series as well. If I never saw it, I probably would have never known any of the NTM franchise.

This is not a bad shoot to start a cycle. Not a huge proportion of the girls did bad, but two shots definitely stood out from everyone else’s shot. The concept of the shoot was a bit odd to me at first, but I appreciated it because even I had memories I would want to go back on way back my childhood so the idea isn’t the most fashionable, but it hit me. The elimination was fine. She was just a substitute so she didn’t exactly earn her spot there so byeeee.

1) Nicole

nicolefoxUpon watching the cycle for the first time, I had this stuck at 2nd maybe because I was blinded with how the judges showered Rae with her photo. But now, this photo struck me the most. Nicole is definitely not my most favorite out of the cast but she started the cycle with fire. I love the angles she made in this shot, in a set as boring as this, she made it somewhat look good. The arm on the hip, the slight lean on the left, plain amazing. The way her hair is in motion is lovely too and adds up to the total impact of the shot, although I’d want to see more of a push in the face to match the attitude I’m getting on her pose. Nonetheless, great shot!

2) RaeraeweiszProbably the most common choice for first call-out. I love this shot too, it’s just that I think Nicole did better than her by a tiny mark. First of all, the shoes are a nightmare. But that is one of the components as to why this is special as it is. Because despite wearing heels she can not handle, the pain is not visible on her face, instead she pulled off a certain softness which attracts me. The laid back resting pose works with the whole vibe of the shot so she didn’t have to do much to stand-out.

3) CourtneycourtneydaviesA tiny gap from Nicole and Rae’s shot. Courtney here, another one who didn’t need to do much to stand-out because of the set she was given. The mirror, makes this picture. Without it, this shot probably wouldn’t be anything special and may be docked down to the lower half of my call-out. But judging this photo, I think she did the dress, and the prop justice. Her face screams dreamy to me and it makes me like the shot a lot. Her face looks a bit like a blob, but the reflection says otherwise. The jawline and the sharpness of her face is kind of present there so the mirror helped her. I would’ve preferred to see her left hand  down to the ground with her elbow as support.

4) JenniferjenniferanAs stupid as it sounds, my favorite part of this picture is her right hand. It vociferates raw emotion- drama to me. I have absolutely no idea why she is slathering sand on her breast but I kind of like it. The facial expression is good although I’d want see more emotion as her pose evokes a lot of it. What I don’t like about this shot is the opened mouth and that I can’t clearly see half of the shot, and from what I see, it seems as a mess but I can’t dock her because I’m uncertain if it’s bad or she’s actually doing something great below there.

5) LauralaurakirkpatrickFrom a shot where there are a lot of things going on, we move to a more simpler take on the theme. There is not much going on but that’s why I like this shot. There will be times where simplicity goes a long way and it definitely works in this shot. The simplicity and elegance in this shot is amazing for me. The way she’s holding the baby is not the best way, she could’ve held it in a more sisterly/motherly way. But this on its own is already good and despite that unflattering way to hold a baby, it still works.

6) ErinerinwagnerErin has my favorite look of the cycle and this shot definitely does justice to my statement. She does not look that great with that vintage class valedictorian outfit but she’s doing the most out of it by making that ruffled shirt look good. Her eyes are just amazing in this shot, it’s piercing and striking at first sight but while looking directly at it for some seconds, I saw a pint of softness in it as well. The pose is kind of half-assed but the face is a saving grace.

7) LulululubraithwaiteHalfway there and I still like the shots. Lulu here has a dynamic pose but lacks energy. She made herself look longer and leaner with that pose and I love the way she had one leg extended and one bent. But I just don’t like how I can’t see her whole right arm. It bothers me very much. Like it degrades the whole impact of the shot. I can look past the lack of neck pushed shoulders, but the lack of right arm just distracts me highly.

8) BiancabiancarichardsonI used to love this shot and rank this 4th when I was younger, but now despite docking it four spots lower, I still like this shot. I don’t understand the hate for this shot. Yes it’s not that amazing but this is still  good and there are definitely worse shots. The broken doll down pose is something to like for. Although the lack of neck here is a bit distracting and she’s trying a bit too hard.

9) BrittanybrittanymarketAt first I saw Brittany here as a sex kitten, but upon further inspection matched with concentration, I saw more of a drug addict. I don’t like how she posed that way, it’s unflattering to the clothes although it makes her body look somewhat good. Her facial expression and the way she’s holding that Pixie Stix just screams addict to me. The vacancy in her face does not help her at all.

10) KarakaravincentBORING. I am just bored with this shot, she’s giving off no energy at all she’s just pushing her face forward and it’s the end. She’s lucky she has a strong look because if not, this could’ve been lower. She fails to sell the concept as well. Her right arm looks awkward as hell like it’s just hanging there for no particular reason. Maybe if her hair was more in motion, I would’ve maybe think this is passable.

11) Ashley ashleyhoward4th really? I just think this is a mess. Some girls did not exude much energy in their shots but here she is, pushing too much energy. She’s over posing to a T and the opened eyes do not compliment the shot too. The “oh I’m stressed, I feel very dizzy, I’m about to pass out,” hand is very distracting and is very unnecessary. There’s too much going on in this picture that I just don’t like it. Red is already a strong color so she didn’t need to push a lot of effort anymore.

12) RachelrachelechelbergerAfter Ashley’s high energy, we are back again to a shot that lacks a lot of energy. I like Rachel’s look but I don’t get her face here. She’s going for confident but I see hesitance there as well. She’s doubting herself and it show s in the face to me as she looks very unsure to me. I like how she positioned her legs but that’s about it. The upper half of her body looks extremely stiff to me it just doesn’t match the magic her lower body has.

13) LisalisaramosA mean clown, woah. She’s pushing fierce too much. She’s trying very hard but the effort was wasted as she looks nothing but mean here. The pose is good, I guess. But the styling is funny to me. If they were going to aim a clown, they could’ve done it in a more fashionable way because the styling is just plain tragic. She was sabotaged with the ill-fitting idea she was put through.

14) SundaisundailoveThis has always been my elimination pick and some things just never change. If Lisa’s styling was tragic, well Sundai’s is catastrophic, it looks so stupid. Why is she holding a red cup, why does she look so somber here? What’s with the feet, what’s with her leaning? What’s with everything?


  1. Nicole (1.0)
  2. Rae (2.0) 2
  3. Courtney (3.0) 3
  4. Jennifer (4.0) 4
  5. Laura (5.0) 5
  6. Erin (6.0) 6
  7. Lulu (7.0) 7
  8. Bianca (8.0) 8
  9. Brittany(9.0) 9
  10. Kara (10.0) 10
  11. Ashley (11.0) 11
  12. Rachel (12.0) 12
  13. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)
  14. Sundai (14.0) 14


  • Ashley: 0
  • Bianca: 0
  • Brittany: 0
  • Courtney: 0
  • Erin: 0
  • Jennifer: 0
  • Kara: o: 0
  • Laura: 0
  • Lisa: 0
  • Lulu: 0
  • Kara: 0
  • Rachel: 0
  • Rae: 0
  • Sundai: 1


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  1. Andrew

     /  May 6, 2016

    If your number one favourite isn’t Nicole, my guess will be Erin.

    • Yes! Hopefully as the cycle goes by, I won’t overrate her.

      • Andrew

         /  May 7, 2016

        Not a surprise! My favourite contestant is Nicole though, there exists no bad pictures in her portfolio imo.

      • I agree with that too. She’s 2nd for me. She’s probably my 4th favorite antm winner. 🙂

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