Better in a Forest

WEEK 2: Posing Topless on a Horse

This time the girls go nude, and for some reason all of them just cheered when Jay revealed that. It was odd lol, but who knows, who are we to judge maybe they dreamed of posing naked with a jockey and a horse, woah. This is a great photoshoot only that, it would’ve been miles better if it was shot in a forest. Better photography and no jockey would’ve elevated this shoot. Wish they did something like AusNTM c1. The idea was great but the set just screams contrived to me.

A good chunk of girls did great too but three definitely stood-out more than the others. There were two eliminations this week. The first one was just stupid. Although, I wasn’t much of a big fan of hers, it was very unnecessary to eliminate her, especially if the girls weren’t forewarned that there will be an elimination. I mean what does singing have to do with modeling actually?


For the second elimination, she didn’t have the worst picture of the bunch and she actually outperformed a lot of girls. But she wasn’t that much of interesting anyway, although I was intrigued with her look.

1) Erinerinwagner1You are probably surprised that I ranked her first this week and not Brittany, or not because you knew I loved Erin? Anyway, a MAJOR REDEMPTION from her shot last week. The pose is just angular and very interesting. I love that broken down pose. The way she’s contradicting the right arm by bending and creating shapes with the left arm is magnificent. The twisted legs matched with the arms and the face is just genius in this shot. I love the death stare she’s giving off. For some it’s over the top but for me it suits her pose. The voluptuous lips and piercing eyes, and how her hair goes really well with the horse’s  mane are something to love. Everything just gives off “I’ll smack your face if you touch my horse,” and I love it. Massive step up from last week indeed.

2) BrittanybrittanymarkertProbably the most fashionable shot of the bunch. She’s selling the shoes, and that giant ridiculous headband. I love how she looks very tall in this and her legs look marvelous in this shot, which makes me debate whether to look at her face or her legs. You just have to admire her power of balance here, her sense of balance is commendable as it is very hard to lounge on the spine of her horse. I find her face sultry too although I see more fierce in it, maybe it’s because the hair added sensuality to her. Despite being in that very hard pose, she still managed to keep a straight-on lovely face, kudos!

3) Lauralaurakirkpatrick1Even if she was enthusiastic about going nude, I would never expect Laura to produce something like this. This shot is already amazing on its own, but this being so unpredictable makes me love this shot more! It’s a great contrast to Laura, and this is a proof that she can be totally different from who she is, although it was probably an advantage for her to pose in a farm. Her pose and face goes great together! It’s exuding a very commanding vibe, almost diva-like. The up-and-down in her shoulders add up to the impact of the shot too as after seeing her face I noticed it next. From vulnerable last week, to ferocious this week!

4) Raeraeweisz18th? Really Tyra, really? So apparently Rae was praised for the shot and was even compared to Madonna and she got called 8th, okay whatever judges. I love the contrast between her facial expression and her body language. This is a different shot from everyone else’s shot. She’s pushing off a soft, sultry, and enchanting facial expression, but she’s posing in a very commanding way by pushing the jockey down and raising her right leg. The way she’s not giving off a lot of energy in the face but she still somehow defeats the veil, is amazing, she’s not letting it conceal her face instead she’s making it complement her face.

5) Nicolenicolefox1This photograph is amazing. But I find it generally overrated as a lot of people believe that her shot is better than the 4 above which I highly disagree. I like how this is different from the others. Instead of going fierce, smizing on top of their eyes, I love how she went on a different route and rather pulled off a bored, almost sad expression but it works. Her pose is normally odd for me, but she’s making it look good. I like how it seems as if she’s whispering something to the horse and how her hair goes well with the horse’s mane. It’s a lovely shot but it’s not something to fawn over like some people do.

6) Karakaravincent1An improvement from last week’s boring shot. Mr. Jay was complaining that Kara was a bit too posey during the shoot but I don’t think it shows in the final product. Kara has this strong look so I’m very surprised that her face can handle this kind of make-up because one particular girl who has a strong look as well just didn’t do the make-up justice. What I like about this is that she looks like daughter of a very rich man with her sassy pose and somewhat arrogant face. I like that the jockey is somewhat doing a subtle approach to Kara’s pose too lol.

7) Courtney (Eliminated)courtneydavies1Just almost halfway and we are already here at the eliminated girl. I believe that no matter how much she slayed the photoshoot, and kill the challenge (it was a joke she won over Erin) she will still be eliminated as I believe that her elimination was premeditated for there will be a runway challenge next week, which is a very stupid reason to eliminate a girl. I’m not that bugged she went home but with Rachel already gone, and this picture being better than 5 other girls, it’s bullshit to send her home.

8) Lulululubraithwaite1Lauren said that this shot is very sweet and looks natural. I couldn’t agree more to the guest judge. She’s going for a sexy expression on the eyes, but she countered it with a smile to avoid going overboard. Although this shot is sweet and natural, I am a bit bored with this shot. She’s not interacting much with the jockey or the horse. I don’t like the way how her neck is hidden especially how her whole torso is almost covered with hair. I find this cute, but I also see a girl who is waiting for a bus.

9) Jenniferjenniferan1So someone who got great feedback and was compared to Madonna got called 8th, and someone who was criticized for her wonky eye and was told that she looked drunk got called 6th, hmm interesting. I like the body positioning, but the face is just a disaster. The uneven eyes bother me so much and I just hate how her face looks very round and how she’s sticking out her face like that. From dramatic, to Asian corpse goodbye.

10) Ashleyashleyhoward1So Ashley looks beautiful here, and the simplicity is beautiful too. That’s it. She’s just standing there, doing nothing. Just staring right through the camera, being beautiful. Standing there being very naive that she was actually being shot. She’s just there but this is still better than two other photos, wow.

11) Sundaisundailove1I am just utterly stunned, baffled, and appalled that this disaster was called 7th. Believe it or not this was called higher than RAE and Lulu. She’s trying to push sexy but it’s just not working. She’s trying to be sensual but NO, she looks very innocent here and her body and face here appears as very young and I’m not liking it. The resting pose is not any better too. Everything just looks inappropriate.

12) Biancabiancarichardson1First and foremost, a HUGE NO @ THE BLONDE WIG. Second of all, NO @ THE MAKE-UP. Third, it’s very understandable that Bianca did not like the blonde hair, it does not suit her what so ever judges. If she didn’t like her make-up last week, she should hate it this week. She has a very strong look and it just didn’t handle the make-up. Damn just tragic.


  1. Nicole (3.0) 1/5
  2. Rae (3.0) 2/4
  3. Erin (3.5) 6/1
  4. Laura (4.0) 5/3
  5. Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
  6. Brittany(5.5) 9/2
  7. Jennifer (6.5) 4/9
  8. Lulu (7.5) 7/8
  9. Kara (8.0) 10/6
  10. Bianca (10.0) 8/12
  11. Ashley (10.5) 11/10
  12. Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
  13. Sundai (12.5) 14/11
  14. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)


  • Ashley: 0
  • Bianca: 1
  • Brittany: 0
  • Courtney: 0
  • Erin: 0
  • Jennifer: 0
  • Kara: o: 0
  • Laura: 0
  • Lisa: 0
  • Lulu: 0
  • Kara: 0
  • Rachel: 0
  • Rae: 0
  • Sundai: 1


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  1. Andrew

     /  May 8, 2016

    Personally, Erin, Laura and Nicole are ahead of others. Kara’s picture is nice as well, but it isn’t very memorable. Though, I find Brittany overrated, and I don’t the appeal of Rae’s shot either – her face looks horrifying.

    • I’ve always loved Erin, Brittany, and Laura’s shot. And I had Nicole @4th and Rae @5th when I was younger. Yeah Kara herself not only the picture isn’t memorable to me.

  2. Ugh Jennifer is bottom 2 material for me, it’s such an unattractive shot. I’ve always thought Nicole did the best here and I still do as well until now.

    • I don’t like Jennifer’s shot as well but I still think the four below her did worse. It’s somewhat unpopular to place Nicole outside of the top 3 this week, but I think the four did better.


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