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Week 3: Elongating Oneself

This shoot is simple and it’s one of the reason why I like it. On the shoot, the girls were shown to be trying hard and posing over the top but the results are satisfying, although some did actually overdid the whole purpose of the shoot. I liked the styling, and the set is okay. I would’ve preferred it to be much cleaner considering the girls are not going to use all or even a lot of the props anyway.

Ashley and Lulu were just annoying this episode. They were just whining about everyone, trying to know about everything. This episode was like Bianca-Ashley-Lulu-Nicole and to a lesser extent Brittany. I was fine with the elimination since she was getting on my nerves already whoops.

1) Erinerinwagner2Work at my girl getting two first call-outs in a row! I just love how simple and serene yet powerful this looks. Her face, despite not looking straight to the camera, is just captivating. It’s just hauntingly beautiful and I am so intrigued at whatever she’s looking at it. Can I just add that she would’ve been perfect for the bird shoot in cycle 12? She’s rocking that hairstyle! The hand looks a bit awkward but I think this would not be as wonderful as it is if the hand wasn’t positioned like that. I love how long and flawless her legs look and how she is selling the shoes without making it very obvious. I am not even bothered that I can’t see her left arm, I easily look past over that because her face and legs are enough to cover that up. Fantastic work from her and this isn’t even her best yet.

2) Nicolenicolefox2Before anything I appreciate her for consoling Bianca, she was just a sweetheart this episode. And… The last shot that I love this week. This is not a massive step down from Erin’s, this is actually very great as well. She definitely executed the brief more than anyone else, she looks the tallest out of everyone and that’s kind of understandable too considering she’s actually the tallest. She was given the best set, and she made out of it so much. I feel something regal about this shot and I like it. I love the pose, it’s different but she’s making it look good. I love how she raised her feet to at least create a shape and how she’s holding on to the ladder. I am a bit bothered by the pouting lips but that’s all I could complain about.

3) Jenniferjenniferan2Jennifer is back again with her dramatic shots and the open mouth. The way the dress is designed, shortens her limbs instead of creating an illusion to make them look longer. She was destined to look short here. If the dress had remained the same texture throughout, Jennifer would’ve looked taller, thus fulfilling the brief more. What chops up her proportions, is the section where the dress is cinched and starts to have ruffles, but then again, it’s not her fault. I love the drama she’s creating in the shot. The pose, the way she’s creating that lovely shape, how she’s clinging on to the steel bar, matched with the longing expression is amazing. But still a step down from Erin’s and Nicole’s shots.

4) Karakaravincent2I did not expect this first call-out at all, it was a bit random. This is Kara’s best photo in the competition, but this did not deserve first call-out this week considering that Erin and Nicole’s shots are way above everyone this theme. I like how she’s utilizing the ropes, she’s like taking a risk with the pose, and it worked although it does not work in favor for her arms as they look short. Weird but I like how her boob is about to pop out. However her face, is just like the last two weeks at different angles. And can I just say her eyes always look weird in panel?

5) Lauralaurakirkpatrick2Woah, a gap again. She was bound to look short here, whatever she did. The space inside the cart is too short or small for her and for that reason she can’t fully elongate her legs to its full capacity. The dress she was given does not help her too, it makes her legs look shorter than they already are. I guess I appreciate the pose, I like how she’s making the most of the space and how she’s holding the push part of the cart and she looks good too in the close-up. Nothing that’s remotely wrong, but nothing that remarkable as well.

6) Biancabiancarichardson2I lived for her friendship with Nicole this week. I love how she showed her vulnerable side and I just love it when people open up. This is a gigantic improvement from Bianca but only by comparing this to her last week’s disaster. The pose is weird but it looks good so I won’t complain about that. This is a good thing as well that she’s almost getting softer in the face. In that position, she looks interesting but it makes her limbs look compact rather than long. Another negative is that despite pulling off soft, her mouth looks a bit tensed. Almost like she’s about to open them but she is hesitant to do so which is not a good look. Props for the improvement, but her performance is still not up there.

7) Raeraeweisz2SEX. Rae is there like she’s offering sex. One plus I can give her is that I see a bit of Maryna Linchuk in the face. She didn’t do justice to the theme and this a bit too sexy as well. The way how she’s pushing off her hips that much, how she’s pushing that sultry expression, the way her hand is rested on her legs, it just screams sex to me. But she still looks great here though in spite of exuding so much sex appeal, and having an uneven eye. How many times did I say sex again?

8) Sundaisundailove2This is good. But only for the standards of Sundai lol. Her pose kind of reminds me of Erin’s pose last week on the horse, but it does not work on her. The twisted legs, and the arms, just don’t look good on her at least for me. She succeeded making herself look tall but that’s not hard considering she’s only 5’3. Even though I don’t like the pose, I think the face is much worse. She’s pouting her lips too much and her eyes look somewhat sad which don’t go well together. Her lips are for a diva, and her eyes are for a poor girl?

9) Lulu (Eliminated)lulubraithwaite2Just like everyone said, no energy. The pose is interesting I guess, but she’s just not giving me anything at all. It’s as if she’s just there, she’s posing. Her face isn’t any better as well. She looks too sweet and her lips look weird, she’s pulling off a Bianca, it’s like she wants to open it but she’s hesitant to do so. She looks like she’s in a music video, and girl, you’re no Camille. “This is my signature walk,” “This has been my walk since I played heels, my signature walk,” “I’m never gonna change my walk, this is my signature walk,” Goodbye.

10) Brittanybrittanymarkert1After from a shot with no energy at all, to a shot that is so full of energy I can not. She looks tiny and she’s trying very hard in a bad way. So Sundai and Brittany decided to copy Erin’s pose last week and they just fail miserably. Am I the only one who sees it? I don’t like how her face looks alienesque as well, it doesn’t suit her look. The way she’s sticking out her neck like that is plain unflattering it does not do wonder to her face. From top 2 to bottom 2.

11) Ashleyashleyhoward2From a try hard to another try hard. They didn’t pick another shot last week because she was over posing, yet they picked this. Hmm. I’ll give it to her that her right leg looks long and her right arm does too, but that other half no just no. Her face is like asking for a fight, it seems as if she’s full of herself and is very arrogant, no at the uneven eyes too.


  1. Erin (2.6) 6/1/1
  2. Nicole (2.6) 1/5/2
  3. Rae (4.3) 2/4/7
  4. Laura (4.3) 5/3/5
  5. Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
  6. Jennifer (5.3) 4/9/3
  7. Kara (6.6) 10/6/4
  8. Brittany(7.0) 9/2/10
  9. Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
  10. Bianca (8.6) 8/12/6
  11. Ashley (10.6) 11/10/11
  12. Sundai (11.0) 14/11/8
  13. Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
  14. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)
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  1. Andrew

     /  May 10, 2016

    I think Erin’s picture is good, but again, it’s overrated. I can’t agree with you that Nicole’s photo is a massive step down from Erin’s.

    • No I actually said “I don’t think it’s a massive step down,” I only love their shots. Erin and Nicole are miles ahead everybody else for me this week.

      • Andrew

         /  May 10, 2016

        Oh sorry! I read your post in a fast speed. For me, Nicole, Sundai (unpopular, I know), Erin, Kara and Jennifer did the best.

    • Erin and Nicole’s shots are very close for me.


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