Unravel That Beauty!

Week 4: Beauty Shot with Fabric

“Whoever gets best photo will be immuned,” What were you thinking Tyra? Of course you don’t need to tell us and the girls that lol.

Welcome to my favorite shoot of the season! This may be an unpopular opinion but I have always appreciated Tyra’s works and this is no exception, not sure yet because maybe I’m forgetting something but maybe this is my favorite work of hers. I love the ethereal feel and artsy vibes I get from the pictures. It’s like something very light and very soothing to the eyes. Only 2 girls did bad for me and that’s saying something. I love how the scarves blend or contrast to some of the skin of the girls. It was great so see Tyra to shower the girls with compliments although some weren’t really performing up to par with the others. The elimination was fine to me I wasn’t bothered that much since I don’t consider her as one of the great models this cycle but damn it made me kind of sad to see her trying to hold back her tears even though it was clear that she was very disappointed to go home too soon.

1) Erin

erinwagner4                                          “If it’s a race, I’m gonna race to win. I’m not gonna race to.be. nice,” “I didn’t push anyone, I pushed through people because people don’t know how to move,” I LOVE YOU! My favorite shot so far in the competition. Maybe with a more established photographer, who maybe can do better justice with this, I can see this shot in Vogue Italia to be honest. I love that it looks like a vintage painting with the nearing to sepia black and white filter. The power in the eyes, it’s like they’re staring right through my soul, I see strong but I also see a certain softness to it, although the strong part is definitely more prominent which just intrigues me more to look at this shot. Her defined jawline here just gives wonders to her face. I love how delicate her body looks, the way she hunches her back in a very haunting way and her hand looks so soft although it’s kind of a bit awkward still, I look past through it every time because I think without the hand positioning, maybe it would detract the overall impact of the shot. I love how her face contradicts her face. The strength in her face matched with the subtle body, is very flattering and makes me love this shot more and more. I had this as a home screen wallpaper in my not that used phone for 3 straight years. This photo is hauntingly beautiful and I love how it enchants me every time I look at this masterpiece. ❤


2) Nicolenicolefox3She’s runner up again to Erin, but unlike last time, I think there’s a fine line with both of their pictures. First the angles are so damn on point, and that slightly pouted lips looks lovely. The twists in this shot is magnificent. I love that she stuck her right arm out to the right then she pushed her hips to the left, how she pushed her head out, and pushed her stomach in. It’s like she battled herself to make it work. Her jawline is very eminent in this shot, matched with how her clavicles are very defined as well. She made negatives, look as positives. At first glance, I thought this was perfect, but I don’t like how her right arm looks scarcely thin and her stomach looks slightly- just a bit bloated. But still a lovely shot overall so, second.

3) Raeraeweisz3So someone was indeed ready to got to her throne in the ice place. I was ready to place Brittany 3rd but while I was about to post Brittany’s shot, I just clicked Rae’s shot and changed the name immediately. The impact of this shot to me after the solid 10 minutes, is huge. It just felt very unjust to place her below Brittany it was like she was convincing me to place her higher lol. I love the ethereal and eerie feel but not frightening type this shot has. Rae looks very delicate here, she’s looks so soft that it makes her look captivating. The color of the scarf does wonders to her, it makes her look stunning. Her eyes just mesmerize me like it’s very inviting and the way how she’s pulling against the scarf totally enthralls me.

4) Brittanybrittanymarkert2 Not that this is a bad shot bad I am not thrilled as much as I am thrilled with the three shots above her. Basically, this shoot was like made for Brittany’s features. She has this very sharp face, sharp nose, sharp jawline, and wide ears– almost elf-like so she was somewhat bound to rock this shoot. It’s not that I’m disappointed with this because there is no denying that this is a great shot. She is definitely rocking the scarf, she’s pushing through it instead of letting it overwhelm her. Which brings me to her head, she’s like pushing it too much that it almost looks gigantic. Her left arm also looks awkward it distracts me. The shot is great as a whole but the flaws are also visible.

5) Lauralaurakirkpatrick3The subtlety in this picture is something to love. I love how the guest judge pointed out that this looks like a Renaissance painting because it really does! This is almost celestial like because of the mellowness the overall picture like. I love how she positioned her body, it made her torso look longer and the shape she created is another thing to appreciate. Even her stretched left arm makes a plus for this shot too. But think the strength in the body is not matched with the face. Her body is like so fragile, but her face needs to soften up more, maybe if she put up more emotion in her face she would’ve probably gotten called 3rd. Can’t complain much since this shot is still great.

6) Sundaisundailove3Finally about time she delivered something great in this competition. Unfortunately this is her only great shot but what makes me more sad is that she will never deliver again the brilliance this photograph has. This girl is serving face and I’m happy that she’s not pouting her lips here. Those eyes are just screaming so much, screaming in a frail kind of way. It’s like her eyes do so much in this picture which surprises me so much that this is coming from her. If only she did not raise that eyebrow up this would’ve been miles better. But great improvement Sundai!

7) Karakaravincent3This is beautiful but boring. She’s just there, looking at the camera, being beautiful. I don’t feel the need to say much since it can be clearly seen in this photograph.

8) Jenniferjenniferan3This is interesting for all the wrong reasons. It interests me as to why she thought of this. You all know probably that I like it when Jennifer brings drama– emotion in her pictures. But this is a total exception. I appreciate that she committed to the photoshoot, she wanted to try to do something different, but damn this is not the right time to try something hard. It’s like everything is working for you, you just need to evoke simple emotions in a simple way, not overdo everything. The expression is too much already and it is matched with “I’m feeling crazy so I’ll put my hand on the side of the head,” and the scarf pull. This is just too much for me.

9) Bianca (Eliminated)biancarichardson3She’s back again with smelling something bad. Her face here looks bad because of the lower half. I think her eyes look decent, at least they have a little life in them, but the nose and lips bother me. The way how she pushed her mouth upward makes me think she’s smelling something bad, and the opened lips are not helping at all. I kind of like how she positioned her body but I see what Nigel said, she kinds of look like an athlete, like she’s on a track.

10) Ashleyashleyhoward3This shot scares me, not in a good way. First of all, she should’ve gotten right from the start of the shot that she wasn’t doing things right. She was sent back to the stylists two times so she should’ve gotten a clue that she wasn’t pleasing Tyra that much. She isn’t pushing through the fabric and it’s a shame because I actually think that the fabric over her face looks good like it suits her face and she’s not doing justice to it at all.


  1. Erin (2.2) 6/1/1/1
    Nicole (2.5) 1/5/2/2
    Rae (4.0) 2/4/7/3
    Laura (4.5) 5/3/5/5
    Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
    Jennifer (6.0) 4/9/3/8
    Brittany(6.2) 9/2/10/4
    Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7
    Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
    Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
    Sundai (9.8) 14/11/8/6
    Ashley (10.5) 11/10/11/10
    Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
    Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)



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  1. Andrew

     /  May 13, 2016

    Once again, don’t love Erin’s shot – it’s good but not OMG VOGUE. Same to Rae as well. My favourite is, of course, Nicole’s (I feel like we’re just the same though; Nicole is my fav and gets FCO in my ranking almost every week, Erin’s your fav and gets FCO in your ranking almost every week).

    I quite like Jen and Ashley’s photos, tbh.

    • Love your understanding lol but I’m sad because this is probably Erin’s last FCO.

      Used to love Jennifer’s shot, I ranked it 2nd for like 2 years but it definitely grew off so much to me.

      • Andrew

         /  May 14, 2016

        In my ranking though, it’s not the last time Nicole receives a FCO from me. I like Jennifer’s face but not her body so much.

      • I’m not sure yet if it’s the last for Erin. Nicole will snatch them FCOs later 😀

  2. I despise that picture of Laura. She looks sick. I think your top three is the same as mine, but even though I adore Brittany, I feel like her picture is heinously overrated. Good update overall, though. 🙂

    • OMG I kinda notice that now… But I still like it tho. And yas at Brittany’s shot being overrated, the top 2 clearly did better and Rae to a less extent.

    • Next update will be somewhat trashy I think XD


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