Kung Fu Panda

WEEK 6: Ninja Warriors

I’m fine with this. The way the shots were edited together could’ve certainly been better but can’t complain much lol. The idea of the photoshoot was kind of cool but the outcome of the edited shots aren’t that much of impressive. The best composed shots for me are the photos of Nicole, Erin, and Kara but they did not do the best with their individual shots except for one. Girl got her second first call-out, and girl got her second elimination picture. The elimination was spot on, although there was a weaker girl, at least she’s entertaining than Kara.

1) Nicolenicolefox4About time girl finally got her second first call-out from me! She looks amazing here and her close-ups are divine. I love how strong her jaw looks in every shot, the power in those piercing eyes, and the slightly pouted lips. She looks very confident here it’s as if she’s not new to this thing, very in control with her poses and expressions. Some find it weird that she formed the number two in her hands but I quite like it, I see it as she wants peace. Not the last time you’ll see her here at the top.

2) Lauralaurakirkpatrick4Very strategic of Laura to pick a weapon where she could move a lot. With that said, Laura definitely made a lot out of the prop she picked. Her pose in the middle shot and the right shot is great. I like how she stretched the prop in the right shot, and how she’s putting force on the prop in the middle shot. Her left shot isn’t bad, I quite like her profile there but the body positioning doesn’t flatter her body at all.

3) Erinerinwagner5Composition here is great, but the model is not doing much though. Her face of course looks beautiful but it somewhat rests a bit on the bored side. In the middle shot, she looks a bit just a bit uncomfortable but I like that she took a risk. My favorite from this set would be the right shot, although the pose looks a bit contrived, it is still mixed with a certain power, making me feel as if she’s really a warrior. The left shot is a bit awkward and I hate how her hair looks there.

4) Brittanybrittanymarkert3

Very warrior princess-like. The way they placed the shots is just hideous. It’s a rule in photography that you should never crop photos by knees, wrists, etc. I would’ve probably liked this more if it was placed better. I love her face here, the eerie thing I get from it plus the very determined expression she has really works. Favorite would be the middle shot, Her pose is on point and the face is ready for a war.

5) Raeraeweisz4Another shitty composition. I don’t understand how the other girls got a middle shot and Rae here has two shots on the right and one on the left. I like how big her hair looks here, it definitely matches the warrior theme. The two on the right are good but she’s trying a bit too much and her pose looks somewhat similar. The one on the left is just bad, she looks lost almost clueless, the pose is so random and she look short.

6) Jenniferjenniferan4I used to like this shot a lot like second in my order? But time passed and I dislike it now. Talk about trying too hard, I know she’s trying to push a story, trying to make her shot look dynamic, trying to make her face fierce, trying to do ugly pretty, and all but no. The way her mouth is opened her is not a good look. She looks drunk in left and right and looks hanging in the middle shot. I like the similar pose in left and right but that’s it really.

7) Kara (Eliminated)karavincent4Runner-up for best composition goes to… Kara. I find it funny that they styled her hair like that which has a massive tendency to make a person look younger but it just makes her look older instead. She finally changed her expression but it didn’t work. Her right shot looks awkward. Her face and legs are the only thing doing something here. Her face in a bad way and her legs in a tensed way. The middle shot is hide and seek, and right shot is “Oh I’m about to faint,”.

8) Sundaisundailove4After somewhat always rounding up near the bottom, Sundai finally got her second elimination picture. If Rae’s was a shitty one, then I don’t know what to call this. A disaster perhaps? There is absolute zero connection between the shots maybe the similar poses and the same facial expression in middle and left? They could’ve placed that left shot in the middle and this would’ve been a bit better. No variety of poses and expressions at all. She looks lost in right, drowning in middle, and cocky in a bad way in right.


  1. Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3
  2. Nicole (2.6) 1/5/2/2/5/1
  3. Laura (3.5) 5/3/5/5/1/2
  4. Rae (3.8) 2/4/7/3/2/5
  5. Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
  6. Brittany(5.3) 9/2/10/4/3/4
  7. Jennifer (6.3) 4/9/3/8/8/6
  8. Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
  9. Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
  10. Sundai (8.8) 14/11/8/6/6/8
  11. Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
  12. Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
  13. Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
  14. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)
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  1. The composition of Jennifer’s shot is crazy good. I’d give her SCO for that sole reason. Her eyes look extremely wonky, but the middle shot, in particular, is fantastic. Nicole’s picture is BY FAR the best of the week, though, so I do agree with you on that.


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