Meh this shoot. I was a bit disappointed, I mean I was young back then so I thought this was great and I saw this shoot as something to look forward to, something very enticing! But looking back now, there is much more to be desired, this is kind of terrible. I don’t like how the girls look very fair and the photography could have been better. If they were probably wearing gowns, this maybe could’ve been much much better. But looking at other NTM underwater shoots, this might probably be one of the best, definitely on the upper tier I think. 3 girls did bad and I only like two shots which is unfortunate considering it’s already the top 5.

1) NicolenicolefoxMs. Foxxxy is back on top! This is very quirky so this is what she does best and I like it! The body positioning looks great. The way she’s pushing her right shoulder in front, how she pushed her buttocks out, and that supposed to look awkward hand but became cute looks lovely. She reminds me here of someone I can’t exactly point out. Her face looks sassy here which is something different with what Nicole has done in the past few shoots of the competition. The pouted lips even compliment her face rather than making it look amateurish. The feet though bugs me so much, it bugged me before Nigel even pointed it out, it looks big and it looks just flat, it degraded the appeal of the shot. She completely lost an arm too but it is still better than,

2) JenniferjenniferanSo this got first call-out, okay. This is in no way the worst of the week but a heavy step down from Nicole. I actually like how this photograph is very serene, just simple and calm. Everyone tried to over dramatize the concept of the shoot for their struggle underwater by doing such dramatic poses and facial expressions but here’s Jennifer keeping it simple, very unusual of her. Her legs look great here as they look long, she seems very graceful, and I like how she’s looking behind herself. What bothers me is that if you go through every detail, there’s just something off. Her boobs are non-existent, her head looks weird, her fingers are awkward, and the shadows on her legs are not a good look.

3) ErinerinwagnerWe’re just on the third model but we already arrived at the terrible shots. So Erin was the only one who didn’t get another session to shoot, and it obviously shows here. I know everyone is probably used to seeing this below Laura, and trust me I used to have it below too. Probably the best pose? Erin’s body positioning here looks good, her legs look long and she’s trying to create shapes, although her right arm looks short, her body looks fine here. The face however is so close to the surface of the water that I can’t clearly see it. I tried zooming it in and it looks decent but her nose looked weird as there were shadows but I can’t clearly tell as the face was blurry.

4) Lauralaurakirkpatrick I guess I can say that her pointed feet looks good? Laura is drowning here. She looks lost, she looks terrified, she looks like a tranny here even. The fabric looks out of place she could have done something better with it, her arm is all over the place it’s a shame because it’s not as controlled as her legs. What @her hair trying to find it’s light on her armpit lol. The face is even worse, she looks like she’s holding her breath, um yeah she is but she could’ve hid it. She even looks drunk and sleepy. Shooting underwater is probably a struggle and yeah, it shows here Laura.

5) Sundai (Eliminated)sundailoveFINALLY. This shot is horrendous. She’s leaning backwards too much making her legs look very long and her torso short, and she lost her neck because of it too, very odd. The hair covering her face is very distracting, I can’t even clearly see her face here especially because of it and the bubbles. Her ribs are also a worsening factor, it just bugs me so much. Her arms are all over the place, and it looks so strange being compared to her legs. The scarf here looks more like seaweeds she did not utilize it in any productive way. The fact she was given the chance to go back underwater should’ve given her a chance to have a better photograph, but oh well it’s Sundai anyway.


Nicole (2.2) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1
Erin (2.8) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3
Laura (3.6) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Jennifer (5.0) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5- (Eliminated Week 9)
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)


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  1. YASSSS@Nicole being first.Waiting for finale shots and for Nicole win(or Erin <3)
    Honestly,Erin need some of redemption and take the best photo at the next week(Bohemian goddess)

  2. Might be unpopular opinion, but I’ve always disliked Jen’s shot. To be fair I’ve always thought her shots are some of the most overrated each week, but this time I don’t get her FCO at all. It’s fourth in my ranking this week at best, and that’s only because Sundae is just on another level of awful altogether.


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