Goddesses, some with Pain


And we are nearing the finale this the first episode I saw by the way. Although some shoots disappointed me and while this cycle is deemed to be one of the boring cycles, I don’t really care because this cycle is special for me. This is what made me watch NTMs, so I will always love this cycle and will probably rewatch it some time soon. As to this shoot, it is definitely an improvement from last week’s atrocity. They still incorporated water in it but in a more toned down manner which is miles better. I actually like the concept I mean it’s very catchy. I even like the setting and the styling too although I expected more. 2 girls for me did great and just literally stomped all over the other 2 or the models in pain. But the general execution is a bit disappointing as I was hoping for more, considering that it’s already the top 4. The elimination still bothers me. Yep, double elimination, I just hate that they announced it during the shoot rather than informing them beforehand. 1 model definitely did not deserve to go let’s go to….

1) Erin (Eliminated)erinwagner1ROBBED. She had the best shot and she was sent home, okay. From what I remember, she was castigated that there was only one usable shot in her film and I will never believe that. But if ever that is true, then that does not matter, this shot is like ahead of the others, a very clear standout to be honest. She’s the only one who really embodied the goddess in her. She looks long here and I love how she’s showing off the gown, she showed it off rather than just letting it fall. Her body looks hot here too! I love how her clavicles and her boobs look here, and how she somewhat rolled the gown to show off her legs. The way how we can see through the dress makes me like this shot more. The color also compliments her skin, it looks great on her. Her right arm though bothers me, it’s just there looks flat. Her face, however is divine. I love how defined her jaw here is and her cheekbones look on point. The slightly parted lips look good too, the eyes look a bit sleepy though but it doesn’t destroy the appeal of her face. Funny thing is that, the first episode I saw of ANTM 13 is this one and this was exactly what made me watch again.

2) Nicolenicolefox1This shot is good but I really think she was SABOTAGED. I mean, I know that she was given first call-out but I certainly think she had better shots. She was so fluid, just graceful during the shoot, she gave a lot of variety and this shot was chosen. Anyway, even though I think she had way better shots, this is still relatively good compared to the two models below her. Nicole definitely knows how to rock her angles. Her nose usually bugs me but it doesn’t distract me here. I love the intense look she is giving me, maybe it is not that goddess like but I like that she went soft on the pose and a bit hard on the face, great way to contrast. Odd but even the green earrings look great on her, very beautiful. Her hands look so elegant here the whole pose actually, I love the silhouette! Her stomach looks a tiny bit bloated though because of the gown, but that’s definitely her fault. A good shot, but I seriously expected something better.

3) Jennifer (Eliminated)

jenniferan1Truth be told, I was already writing my write-up for Laura but I was so turned off by looking at it that I just decided to put Jennifer here. But just because I did that, doesn’t mean that this is a great photograph. Yet again, I think this wasn’t Jennifer’s best shot. Although I think she struggled during the shoot, this is in no way her best shot I suppose. Her face as usual, is bringing in drama, I like the longing and desperate vibe I feel but I think she just went a bit overboard on the face. Her mouth is too opened for me that it almost looks like it’s just hanging there. Her eyes don’t look that wonky like most of the time but they look sleepy here. She also raised it a bit too high and pushed it forward too much which made it look big.Her body is boring, I think she’s going for the broken doll pose and I wish she went for it. If only she transferred the energy she brought to her face to her body this could’ve been better.

4) Lauralaurakirkpatrick1What the actual hell at the judges liking this shot, I can’t even! The fact that the judges praised Laura for this is a complete joke. I just can’t find anything relatively good or even that good for this to be praised. The water perhaps? Last week Laura looked like a man and now, she looks like a baby. Her face is very polarizing here. She looks angry, confused, and uncomfortable at the same time, work at the diversity! Lol. Her face is just too tensed here. The eyes look good, I am fine with the strength in them but they are somewhat uneven so they’re not good I take back what I said. What bugs me so much more her is how she looks so disproportionate. She looks very short and the upper part of her body including her face looks too big for her legs. I don’t know if it is because her leg is perched but it just destroys the potential of her pose. She seems as if she’s trying to be sexy, but no. Making your head gigantic is not sexy at all.


Nicole (2.2) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1/2
Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3/1- (Eliminated Week 10)
Laura (3.7) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Jennifer (4.8) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2/3- (Eliminated Week 10)
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5- (Eliminated Week 9)
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)
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  1. Agree at your placements! ❤ Can't wait for finale.Also,idgaf about Jenn' elimination,but Erin/Nicole would be better finale.IJS ❤


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