ANTM Cycle 13 Recap


I think I have been quite repetitive but I could care less anyway haha so, yes this is the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model that I saw. I have read some posts regarding about how this cycle is a bore fest. I disagree because it may have been dull sometimes, but it has its own moments, moments that needed not to be big. This was the first ever themed cycle of ANTM and it was definitely a great start. Some thought it was just a silly gimmick having girls under 5’8, little did they know that this cycle will end up as one of the better ones. We also had the first ever double elimination before the finale, which I found ridiculous as I would’ve loved to see Erin slay that Covergirl photo and commercial to prove the judges wrong. What I love more is the theme song for the eliminations, even though I find it tacky sometimes, I will not deny the fact that it actually got stuck in my head some time. For the photoshoots, I loved the BIRACIAL HAPAS, and the BEAUTY SHOT WITH FABRIC, work Tyra! But I hated the posing underwater, and the cirque de soleil. The cast was kind of great too! We had Nicole, Erin, Brittany, Kara, and Rachel who had great looks. This cycle is special to me because a) this got me stuck to ntms, b) this has one of my favorite winners, and of course, c) my all-time favorite ntm contestant. Thank you to those who read, who followed, who joined me in the cycle! ❤ Idk what to cover next though lol.

1) Nicole (2.3) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1/2/1/2

antmcycle13capitulo1nicole                             My third favorite winner only after Brittani Kline and Dani Evans. Girl got 5 first call-outs, 5 runner-ups, and 2 5th place. A great run for a winner, very hard to accomplish! Her portfolio is seriously flawless. The two shots she got called 5th are not even bad, they were still good but they were just a bit boring and uninspiring. It was both a surprise and not a surprise that she won. Surprising because the Token Awkward Girl never wins for example Shandi, Heather, Allison, and etc. Not surprising because, she had a flawless portfolio, a great look, great body, and she was against Laura. Everyone seems to love this girl, one for that is because she channels her inner quirk to produce amazing photographs. But probably because some people relate to her. There are people who are awkward and reserved, which is like Nicole. Nicole thought that the others underestimated her because she was quiet, little did they know she will win.She didn’t have a big personality, she was just easygoing and good-natured so she was generally put up together. Some would say she was boring to watch, but her range expressions are actually so funny she doesn’t even know it. Rightful winner of the cycle!

2) Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3/1

antmcycle13capitulo1erin                                    QUEEN. My most favorite contestant out of every next top model franchise! I have eternal love for this girl. Everything about her for me just seems perfect, this is probably over the top but yes I’m crazy stanning for her. I just had a certain connection with her, to the extent where I always get her, I see my old self from her, immature, pretty much complained most of the time, and competitive. In a cycle where almost everyone didn’t contribute anything, Erin was an exception- she brought something different to the table which made the show far more interesting. Her standout moment would be the Walmart challenge, she took it so seriously as if it was a legit challenge when it was just something for ANTM. “If it’s a race, I’m gonna race to win. I’m not gonna race,” all or nothing. I agree with the girls, that Erin was immature mostly because of her incessant complaining, but I love her because of that. The moment I laid my eyes on her I just fell in love, winner for sure! She is a refined version of Allison in my opinion, she has a stronger bone structure and her eyes are more lovely to look at. I even loved her more after the makeover. She was a full package, had an amazing face, banging body, and great age to start modeling. I get why she wasn’t crowned though, I mean after the walmart challenge, her edit continued to slip to the more negative zone, and as they put it bitches never win in ANTM. But funny thing is that I never found her as a villain. The more bitchy contestants were sent home early ( Lulu, Kara, and Ashley) so they had to make someone a villain, they saw the light in Erin. I am thankful for that, because if not for that, I would not have seen her as much as I did, I’m afraid she would not have gotten a prominent edit. She was a teenager so I definitely understand how she acted during her run. She complained, she was cranky, unsophisticated sometimes, but she had her sweet and fun moments too. Her moments were Rae were very cute and the eating candy challenge. She got 5 first callouts from me, the rest in 3-6 a great record! I am also happy for my girl, she’s still working and her post show works are always lovely! I hope to see more of my queen in the future. Therefore, I would not hand her the win, I’m scared that maybe she would not be as successful as she is now if she won the show.

3) Laura (3.7) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4/4/2/1

antmcycle13capitulo1laura                                   If you told me that Laura would end up third in the averages when I started this, I would not believe you. I am shocked that Laura ended up third here to be quite honest. But looking back, she actually had her moments, (Cirque de Soleil, Ninja Warriors, and Topless on a Horse) but she flopped too, (Pele Goddess, and Underwater) so I think it’s safe to say that her performance was declining rather than improving. I was never fond of her face, I think that she is not that modelesque a bit basic for me. But she was just a ray of sunshine! She was a darling, so adorable! Every Tyra mail and challenge, her eyes were just filled with excitement, she really wanted to win. Even though I’m not much of a fan, I’ll take her to the top 5 because of her radiant personality and her eagerness to win.

4) Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7

antmcycle13capitulo1rae                                I wouldn’t consider Rae that robbed but if Jennifer and Sundai were still in the competition, no doubt I will let her stay despite being Miss No Personality of the cycle. I don’t remember much of her but I know that she is a mother and she was bestfriends with Erin during the show. While she didn’t look beautiful in motion, she however transformed in photographs. I remember three things about her 1) she was sexually assaulted when she was younger, which I am truly empathetic for, 2) a mother, 3) Erin’s sidekick. She was a lovely girl but she talked shit about Nicole being an introvert. I would take her until top 4 because she was damn photogenic.

5) Jennifer (4.8) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2/3

antmcycle13capitulo1jennifer                              A sweet girl, but was heinously overrated by the panel. Tyra just always praised her I can’t even. So Jennifer here was a nice girl, one who actually offered the show a lot of things. She was funny at times, which you would not expect just by looking at her photographs. I mean almost all of them are dramatic. At times it worked, but there were moments where they went overboard. I do not agree with her FCOs, they all belonged to Nicole. She was also inconsistent, take a look at her numbers. I like her but I think her time is up by the top 6, the other five girls are stronger.

6) Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5

antmcycle13capitulo1brittany                        The technical girl. I so loved Brittany until the fabric shoot, after that I just didn’t notice her anymore. She was killing the challenges so that’s probably the reason why I liked her so much in the first few episodes especially because she was given a number of confessionals. Her makeover did her wonders for me, although I think it made her look even sexier. It made her face look a bit gothic, very ghostly even which could be seen in her fabric shot. She definitely had a great portfolio. If not for her recreating childhood moments, and her elongation shot, her average would’ve been higher. She was one of the more modelesque girls and I like her so I’ll bring her all the way to the top 3.

7) Courtney (5.0) 3/7

antmcycle13capitulo1courtney                               I’m indifferent towards this girl. I find her very beautiful, and her two photographs are both impressive which makes me want to see more but to be honest I don’t remember much of her except that she was injured and she got eliminated because she had a defeatist attitude. It was stupid to reason out to the judges that she took a weak photograph (but I like it) because she wasn’t allowed by Jay to take her boots off. Maybe give her one week more? But she would’ve screwed up during the challenge so maybe not.

8) Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7

antmcycle13capitulo1kara                                I love this girl’s face! Kara is very beautiful. She looked somewhat scruffy in person though, a major contributor of that would be of course her infamous lazy eye. It was very obvious in person so I don’t get how the judges never noticed that or how they never castigated Kara for it but critiqued Jennifer. I think her portfolio is somewhat underrated but yeah. I find her rude though because she just constantly talked about Nicole that it got annoying especially considering the fact that Nicole wasn’t being vile or anything even close to being vile. Ironic enough she bitched about Nicole but in the same episode, Nicole got her first fco, and she landed in the bottom two with her bitch buddy, Sundai. I love her face but I don’t get her attitude.

9) Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5

antmcycle13capitulo1sundai                              Another beautiful girl. Don’t get me wrong I was never a Sundai hater. I just disliked majority of her photographs. A good chunk in her portfolio is elimination worthy. She just didn’t know how to model during the show probably. Because the only time she did her beauty justice was the fabric shoot. Before and after that, let’s not dig there anymore, they’re disappointments. Despite sucking in photographs, Sundai was a very nice girl. She was the shortest one so the way how she acted like a child was very theme fitting for her. She was a total sweetheart, so genuine you could not help but like her. Her and Kara’s session of I hate Nicole was one of her faults though but her fun moments make up for it. She didn’t deserve to go all the way to the top 5, so I’ll cut her 7th.

10) Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9

antmcycle13capitulo1lulu                              She was slipping 7-8-9. As an early boot, Lulu actually got one of the more prominent edit in the cycle. She was tired seeing Brittany win challenges, she was best buds with Ashley, she was a lesbian, etc. I got tired of her in the elongation shoot. I mean in before the challenge, she was trying to teach Brittany walk when in fact Brittany had a better walk and a stronger presence on the runway, which led to Brittany’s win. I find her first two photos quite good, but she flopped hard in her third but I’m willing to replace her with Ashley so she goes until the top 9. “This is my signature walk,” “This has been my walk since I played heels, my signature walk,” “I’m never gonna change my walk, this is my signature walk,” YOU are no Camille lol.

11) Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9

antmcycle13capitulo1bianca                               So I guess it’s safe to say that Bianca loves smelling things that are unpleasant. I mean this is her promo shot, still, she looks like she smelled crap or something. Unpopular as it is, but I actually liked Bianca. I mean yes her incessant complaining, God confessionals, and stuffs got tiring, but at least we got to see different sides of her. She started off being a bit strong and while the competition progressed, she started becoming vulnerable. I find her a bit underrated. Everyone seems to hate all of her photos, in contrast I like her re-enacting baby photo, and I find her elongation shot decent, the horse one was atrocious though. Her journey for me was perfectly ended.

t12) Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9

antmcycle13capitulo1ashley                              She looks like a mother here. So in her 5-week stay, Ashley received three elimination votes from me, not a good run at all. So she was best buds with Lulu bitching and bitching, it got old easily. I find her a bit dramatic and a bit cocky. Her photos weren’t good so I’ll cut her he week where Lulu got cut, the elongation shoot.

13) Rachel (12.0) 12

antmcycle13capitulo1rachel                              A doe-eyed beauty. Although, I wasn’t much of a big fan of hers, it was very unnecessary to eliminate her, especially if the girls weren’t forewarned that there will be an elimination. I mean what does singing have to do with modeling actually? I love her face so I’ll bring her to the top 8.

14) Lisa- (13.0) 13

antmcycle13capitulo1lisa                                A very pretty and sexy girl. I don’t remember much though except that she replaced Amber, and she was called an angry clown. She was a very WEAK replacement compared to a girl with a huge character. Easy first boot for me.

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  1. Ynaves

     /  June 11, 2016

    YAS @ top 2. Cover MaltaNTM/Holland.

  2. TopModelFranchise

     /  June 14, 2016

    Try covering a season of Australia’s NTM?

  3. Ynaves Warrior

     /  June 16, 2016

    girl,are you die? Coz i love your coverage!


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