ANTM Cycle 13, Bottom 15 PHOTOS


Sundai(5), Ashley(3), Laura(3), Kara(2), Bianca(1), Lisa(1), Jennifer(1), Erin(1)

1) sundailove













14) erinwagner

15) jenniferan1


ANTM Cycle 13, Top 15 PHOTOS


Erin(5), Nicole(5), Brittany(2), Jennifer(1), Laura(1), Rae(1)









8) erinwagner1



11) brittanymarkert


13) nicolefox2

14) laurakirkpatrick1

15) nicolefox


WEEK 11: Covergirl Ad & Commercial and Runway

The last evaluation before going on to the top 15 and bottom 15 photos of the cycle. I plan to do the overview last by the way. Yay I’m finally done with this took me so long but at least I’m finishing it. So the photos for covergirl are good but nothing outstanding. I don’t think anyone comes near to the level of excellency of Eva Pigford’s covergirl photograph. I think the photography has something to do with it, there’s just something which lacks in the photos of the girls. For the commercials, none really did amazing. There were moments where they both look insecure or uncomfortable during their individual commercials. For the runway, I can’t even at their runway walks. One walks like a man, while the other has a decent runway walk but both of them have awkward poses at the end of the runway. A rather underwhelming finale but the result was fulfilling. She was the perfect choice between the two so I’m glad she won.

1) Nicole (Winner) 1/2nicolefox2And Nicole did the best again. What’s new? I am so happy that she won, she was obviously the best choice out of the final two so I’m glad Tyra didn’t crown the wrong one. Even though she isn’t my favorite, I solidly think that she deserved her victory because she never flopped at any of the photoshoot. This covergirl shot is somewhat disappointing. I expected Nicole to kill this considering she has been slaying the past few weeks, but still, this is a good shot anyway. This for me does not only work as a maskara ad but as a hair ad too. I love how green her eyes look very captivating. But her smile looks half-assed and her upper lip looks so thin it looks so weird. Even her nose bothers me as it looks a bit big. But her pose looks inviting, just the right amount of playfulness, very relatable. Her commercial started great but as it progressed it just got worse. She started to raise her chin too high and her lower teeth looked non-existent but still better than Laura’s. Her runway walk was disastrous though lol. She walked like a man, she even surpassed the Gigi Hadid man walk. She also had trouble removing the fabric it was certainly not a good luck.

2) Laura(Runner-Up) 2/1laurakirkpatrick2Laura is a sweet girl, but I never saw her as a winner. I like her and all but I knew she did not stand a chance at Nicole. This covergirl photo is another disappointment. She is like a ray of sunshine so I expected a lot MORE from her. This is good but this is too boring. I don’t like how she looks a bit hesitant, almost insecure it’s as if she’s reluctant to really go for it. I like the life in her eyes though, but same as Nicole, her smile looks half-assed too. Her commercial was yet again underwhelming. Given her strong personality, it was a let down. She was like questioning herself most of the time you could see fear in her eyes. It was even as if she was saying the words only to finish it because she looked bored and it seemed a bit force and I could hear her struggling to pronounce the words. Her runway walk was duh better than Nicole, but it wasn’t that great even. There were times where she was squinting too much and her hands were all over the place. But the moment with the fabric, was fabulous though.


1) Nicole (2.3) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1/2/1/2- (Winner)
2) Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3/1- (Eliminated Week 10)
3) Laura (3.7) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4/4/2/1- (Runner-up)
4) Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
5) Jennifer (4.8) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2/3- (Eliminated Week 10)
6) Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
7) Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
8) Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
9) Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5- (Eliminated Week 9)
10) Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
11) Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
12) Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
13) Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
14) Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)
Ashley: 3
Bianca: 1
Brittany: 0
Courtney: 0
Erin: 0
Jennifer: 0
Kara: 0
Laura: 1
Lisa: 0
Lulu: 0
Nicole: 0
Rachel: 0
Rae: 1
Sundai: 4

Goddesses, some with Pain


And we are nearing the finale this the first episode I saw by the way. Although some shoots disappointed me and while this cycle is deemed to be one of the boring cycles, I don’t really care because this cycle is special for me. This is what made me watch NTMs, so I will always love this cycle and will probably rewatch it some time soon. As to this shoot, it is definitely an improvement from last week’s atrocity. They still incorporated water in it but in a more toned down manner which is miles better. I actually like the concept I mean it’s very catchy. I even like the setting and the styling too although I expected more. 2 girls for me did great and just literally stomped all over the other 2 or the models in pain. But the general execution is a bit disappointing as I was hoping for more, considering that it’s already the top 4. The elimination still bothers me. Yep, double elimination, I just hate that they announced it during the shoot rather than informing them beforehand. 1 model definitely did not deserve to go let’s go to….

1) Erin (Eliminated)erinwagner1ROBBED. She had the best shot and she was sent home, okay. From what I remember, she was castigated that there was only one usable shot in her film and I will never believe that. But if ever that is true, then that does not matter, this shot is like ahead of the others, a very clear standout to be honest. She’s the only one who really embodied the goddess in her. She looks long here and I love how she’s showing off the gown, she showed it off rather than just letting it fall. Her body looks hot here too! I love how her clavicles and her boobs look here, and how she somewhat rolled the gown to show off her legs. The way how we can see through the dress makes me like this shot more. The color also compliments her skin, it looks great on her. Her right arm though bothers me, it’s just there looks flat. Her face, however is divine. I love how defined her jaw here is and her cheekbones look on point. The slightly parted lips look good too, the eyes look a bit sleepy though but it doesn’t destroy the appeal of her face. Funny thing is that, the first episode I saw of ANTM 13 is this one and this was exactly what made me watch again.

2) Nicolenicolefox1This shot is good but I really think she was SABOTAGED. I mean, I know that she was given first call-out but I certainly think she had better shots. She was so fluid, just graceful during the shoot, she gave a lot of variety and this shot was chosen. Anyway, even though I think she had way better shots, this is still relatively good compared to the two models below her. Nicole definitely knows how to rock her angles. Her nose usually bugs me but it doesn’t distract me here. I love the intense look she is giving me, maybe it is not that goddess like but I like that she went soft on the pose and a bit hard on the face, great way to contrast. Odd but even the green earrings look great on her, very beautiful. Her hands look so elegant here the whole pose actually, I love the silhouette! Her stomach looks a tiny bit bloated though because of the gown, but that’s definitely her fault. A good shot, but I seriously expected something better.

3) Jennifer (Eliminated)

jenniferan1Truth be told, I was already writing my write-up for Laura but I was so turned off by looking at it that I just decided to put Jennifer here. But just because I did that, doesn’t mean that this is a great photograph. Yet again, I think this wasn’t Jennifer’s best shot. Although I think she struggled during the shoot, this is in no way her best shot I suppose. Her face as usual, is bringing in drama, I like the longing and desperate vibe I feel but I think she just went a bit overboard on the face. Her mouth is too opened for me that it almost looks like it’s just hanging there. Her eyes don’t look that wonky like most of the time but they look sleepy here. She also raised it a bit too high and pushed it forward too much which made it look big.Her body is boring, I think she’s going for the broken doll pose and I wish she went for it. If only she transferred the energy she brought to her face to her body this could’ve been better.

4) Lauralaurakirkpatrick1What the actual hell at the judges liking this shot, I can’t even! The fact that the judges praised Laura for this is a complete joke. I just can’t find anything relatively good or even that good for this to be praised. The water perhaps? Last week Laura looked like a man and now, she looks like a baby. Her face is very polarizing here. She looks angry, confused, and uncomfortable at the same time, work at the diversity! Lol. Her face is just too tensed here. The eyes look good, I am fine with the strength in them but they are somewhat uneven so they’re not good I take back what I said. What bugs me so much more her is how she looks so disproportionate. She looks very short and the upper part of her body including her face looks too big for her legs. I don’t know if it is because her leg is perched but it just destroys the potential of her pose. She seems as if she’s trying to be sexy, but no. Making your head gigantic is not sexy at all.


Nicole (2.2) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1/2
Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3/1- (Eliminated Week 10)
Laura (3.7) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Jennifer (4.8) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2/3- (Eliminated Week 10)
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5- (Eliminated Week 9)
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)



Meh this shoot. I was a bit disappointed, I mean I was young back then so I thought this was great and I saw this shoot as something to look forward to, something very enticing! But looking back now, there is much more to be desired, this is kind of terrible. I don’t like how the girls look very fair and the photography could have been better. If they were probably wearing gowns, this maybe could’ve been much much better. But looking at other NTM underwater shoots, this might probably be one of the best, definitely on the upper tier I think. 3 girls did bad and I only like two shots which is unfortunate considering it’s already the top 5.

1) NicolenicolefoxMs. Foxxxy is back on top! This is very quirky so this is what she does best and I like it! The body positioning looks great. The way she’s pushing her right shoulder in front, how she pushed her buttocks out, and that supposed to look awkward hand but became cute looks lovely. She reminds me here of someone I can’t exactly point out. Her face looks sassy here which is something different with what Nicole has done in the past few shoots of the competition. The pouted lips even compliment her face rather than making it look amateurish. The feet though bugs me so much, it bugged me before Nigel even pointed it out, it looks big and it looks just flat, it degraded the appeal of the shot. She completely lost an arm too but it is still better than,

2) JenniferjenniferanSo this got first call-out, okay. This is in no way the worst of the week but a heavy step down from Nicole. I actually like how this photograph is very serene, just simple and calm. Everyone tried to over dramatize the concept of the shoot for their struggle underwater by doing such dramatic poses and facial expressions but here’s Jennifer keeping it simple, very unusual of her. Her legs look great here as they look long, she seems very graceful, and I like how she’s looking behind herself. What bothers me is that if you go through every detail, there’s just something off. Her boobs are non-existent, her head looks weird, her fingers are awkward, and the shadows on her legs are not a good look.

3) ErinerinwagnerWe’re just on the third model but we already arrived at the terrible shots. So Erin was the only one who didn’t get another session to shoot, and it obviously shows here. I know everyone is probably used to seeing this below Laura, and trust me I used to have it below too. Probably the best pose? Erin’s body positioning here looks good, her legs look long and she’s trying to create shapes, although her right arm looks short, her body looks fine here. The face however is so close to the surface of the water that I can’t clearly see it. I tried zooming it in and it looks decent but her nose looked weird as there were shadows but I can’t clearly tell as the face was blurry.

4) Lauralaurakirkpatrick I guess I can say that her pointed feet looks good? Laura is drowning here. She looks lost, she looks terrified, she looks like a tranny here even. The fabric looks out of place she could have done something better with it, her arm is all over the place it’s a shame because it’s not as controlled as her legs. What @her hair trying to find it’s light on her armpit lol. The face is even worse, she looks like she’s holding her breath, um yeah she is but she could’ve hid it. She even looks drunk and sleepy. Shooting underwater is probably a struggle and yeah, it shows here Laura.

5) Sundai (Eliminated)sundailoveFINALLY. This shot is horrendous. She’s leaning backwards too much making her legs look very long and her torso short, and she lost her neck because of it too, very odd. The hair covering her face is very distracting, I can’t even clearly see her face here especially because of it and the bubbles. Her ribs are also a worsening factor, it just bugs me so much. Her arms are all over the place, and it looks so strange being compared to her legs. The scarf here looks more like seaweeds she did not utilize it in any productive way. The fact she was given the chance to go back underwater should’ve given her a chance to have a better photograph, but oh well it’s Sundai anyway.


Nicole (2.2) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2/1
Erin (2.8) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1/3
Laura (3.6) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Jennifer (5.0) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3/2
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Sundai (7.7) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6/5- (Eliminated Week 9)
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)


Biracial Butterfly

WEEK 8: Biracial Hapas

WHAT at Hawaii being the international destination but whatever. A massive improvement from the shoots we had the past few weeks. I kind of like the concept of the shoot, they had to portray women with mixed heritage. Even though I like it, I think it was a bit ridiculous no model would ever have to alter their complexion like this for a photoshoot, because the client would just hire someone with the particular skin tone if they wanted a shoot like this. I saw some comments about the shoot that it was somewhat like an attack, indirect racism. I don’t particularly agree with that I mean I don’t think Tyra had any hidden intention. The clothes they wore looked good on almost all with the exception of Sundai and maybe Laura too. Top 2 this week are very close for me. I love both of their shots so much. For the elimination, it was not that sad, but to think that someone is doing worse, she should not have gone home.

1) Erinerinwagner6Really, bottom two? Whatever judges! I get that Erin was kind of being immature or ungrateful the past few weeks, and the judges thought she should work on her personality, but I would get past that with an art like this. The simplicity and raw feel of this shot just blows me away. I love her face here, it’s very subtle but still has that spice- the fire or anger that we usually see in Erin’s eyes very mixed but not half-assed. Her eyes are talking to me she’s definitely giving off a story in this picture. She looks like a tribe’s queen, her pose screams protective and very secure. The black hair looks amazing on her and the dark skin does not even look fake. Her pose is somewhat similar to her pose in the fabric shoot so I guess doing that suits her. A very simple and soft shot indeed but very striking, almost queen of peace. This photo is brilliant for me, and damn it’s a shame this wasn’t that much appreciated in panel.

2)Nicolenicolefox5You’re probably thinking “Why the hell is Nicole just second?,”. Just because it’s second doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I also love this shot and it a very tight race between her and Erin. This is a very dramatic shot. If Erin was queen of peace, I see this as queen of hope. Her gaze is very dreamy, I love that she’s staring upward and not just looking upward it’s like she believes so much that there’s still hope. Her face to me is ethereal here very haunting in a good way. Her body, despite the loose dress, still managed to create shapes. The geisha inspired dress she has on does not flatter her, but she makes it look good on her, if it was on somebody else it would’ve probably look tacky. The motion in the hair looks lovely too and her hands look cute. An all around great shot still.

3) Jenniferjenniferan5A very tiny drop of quality from the art of Erin and Nicole but I still love this. I love the serenity I get from this picture, even just by staring at it, if you don’t think much this will make you feel calm, put you in a place of peace and certainty.. Her profile here is gorgeous I love how she hid her gimpy eye and bone structure looks good too. Another is that I like that she is also selling the necklace in an indirect way. She looks very young here like a teenager and it makes me like this more. It’s like she’s a part of a tribe and she’s just learning about life, you can form a lot of stories from this picture. Very simple but will definitely leave you a mark.

4) Lauralaurakirkpatrick5Very ancient Greek. I still like this shot but this is a massive drop from Jennifer’s shot. I’m going to start with the parts I like in this photograph. I am very intrigued with her face. It seems as if she’s longing for something and she just stares away because she knows she will never get it but it draws me in. But in the long shot, I don’t understand what she’s going for. I dislike her left hand here. It looks so short and it appears as scarcely thin. I don’t get why she’s like reaching for the stick in her right hand, and lastly I don’t get why her legs are open that wide. From the chest above, it looks great, but down below is a disaster.

5) Brittany (Eliminated)brittanymarkert4I get that in the commercial and in this shot, it is very obvious that Brittany is very technical. But it’s a shame to eliminate someone for that when they are just trying to please you ( April 😦 ). Her pose is like a modern take on tribes she looks very confident here, I quite like the pose although it’s a bit catalogue. Her face looks lovely too, the shape and her bone structure looks alive here. Even though the dress does not do much justice to Brittany I like that she still somehow managed to create a shape with it. In many ways this is better than Laura’s shot. But I just don’t get anything from here, she’s just modeling, she’s not trying to incorporate any story here.The fact that this is in sepia does not help too. A strong shot, but lacks impact.

6) Sundaisundailove5Sundai went to a different route… in a bad way, but what’s new? If I didn’t get Laura’s body, well I don’t get Sundai’s face and body. Why is she staring at the sky in a very rude manner? She’s raising her eyebrow and she’s pouting so much at the sky, why are you doing that? Her pose is commanding so it matches the face but the scenery is soft, why you do that, why? She even looks like a midget here, her legs look ultra short and it’s painfully obvious. She had the best dress and she’s not doing it justice. This is a very weird shot for me and how she escaped the bottom two with a horrendous shot like this is beyond me, please go home Sundai.


Nicole (2.4) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1/2
Erin (2.8) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6/1
Laura (3.6) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3/5- (Eliminated Week 8)
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Jennifer (5.4) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2/3
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Sundai (8.0) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5/6
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)

Bonakid Pre-School

WEEK 7: Covergirl Commercials

First and foremost expect very short write-ups. The photoshoot was replaced this episode with a covergirl commercial. I don’t like ranking commercials and I’m actually having doubts whether I should rank them or not but I decided to do so. I liked 3 of the commercials and the other 4 didn’t deliver much and I don’t particularly care for their commercial love them both though. All of them looked radiant but I didn’t care much with the clothes they were given. Find them here.

1) Nicole

First call-out two weeks in a row! I find the reason of the judges as to why they didn’t give Nicole first call-out utterly stupid. “This works as a commercial, but this doesn’t represent you, this doesn’t represent Nicole,” wow what a very lame reason. Nicole looked glowing during the commercial. She said her lines with the right amount of energy and she looked great all through out the video. Her eyes were very engaging which was perfect for the commercial. Didn’t expect to see her do great in a commercial considering she’s somewhat shy but great job!

2) Jennifer

Of course she was bound to do great here. She looked beautiful in the video. Her vocals were probably the best here, her cut between words is very nice to hear. Her movements though were a bit forced but they still looked kind of good. What pulls down the quality of this commercial is that she kind of got lost a bit near the end but nice comeback though.

3) Brittany

Brittany here was kind of a  bit too technical. This was probably the most usable commercial out of everyone but there was just something missing I can’t clearly point out. She did everything right, but it came off as a bit of staged. Brittany has everything that would make a great commercial here but the viewers will not connect much with her here since she was too focused on making a commercial rather than making herself be present in a commercial. Am I making sense here? Lol.

4) Laura

Woah, didn’t expect her to fail in a commercial, but the dyslexia definitely hindered her from pulling off a great commercial. I liked her perseverance her, she pushed through despite failing multiple times and stayed happy until the end of the commercial.

5) Sundai

I expected her to kill this since she shows a lot of personality behind the camera but she left me disappointed. Her movements were all over the place. I hated how she was waiting so long before she spoke. It was clear that when she moved, she was really doubting herself.

6) Erin

I’m very sad to rank my girl this low 😦 But I should not be biased, so… damn sorry Erin. I tend to always just forget about this commercial because I didn’t expect Erin to flop this hard in the competition. Her movements for me though was on point except for the part where she was resting on the wall, she did better with her subtle movements in some moments. I’m very disappointed that the moment she flopped, she never rose back, she just gave off a defeatist attitude and continued to do worse. Love you ❤

7) Rae (Eliminated)

She was edited as the girl with no personality so the moment I knew that it was gonna be a commercial, I knew she’s going to flop and the judges found the perfect time to let her go. She was very robotic and stoic in this commercial. She consistently stuttered and she never redeemed herself. She was smiling but I can see the defeatist attitude over her. I would take her further than Sundai even if she had a lot of flubs in this commercial.


Nicole (2.4) 1/5/2/2/5/1/1
Erin (3.1) 6/1/1/1/4/3/6
Laura (3.6) 5/3/5/5/1/2/4
Rae (4.2) 2/4/7/3/2/5/7- (Eliminated Week 7)
Brittany(5.0) 9/2/10/4/3/4/3
Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
Jennifer (5.7) 4/9/3/8/8/6/2
Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
Sundai (8.3) 14/11/8/6/6/8/5
Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)



Kung Fu Panda

WEEK 6: Ninja Warriors

I’m fine with this. The way the shots were edited together could’ve certainly been better but can’t complain much lol. The idea of the photoshoot was kind of cool but the outcome of the edited shots aren’t that much of impressive. The best composed shots for me are the photos of Nicole, Erin, and Kara but they did not do the best with their individual shots except for one. Girl got her second first call-out, and girl got her second elimination picture. The elimination was spot on, although there was a weaker girl, at least she’s entertaining than Kara.

1) Nicolenicolefox4About time girl finally got her second first call-out from me! She looks amazing here and her close-ups are divine. I love how strong her jaw looks in every shot, the power in those piercing eyes, and the slightly pouted lips. She looks very confident here it’s as if she’s not new to this thing, very in control with her poses and expressions. Some find it weird that she formed the number two in her hands but I quite like it, I see it as she wants peace. Not the last time you’ll see her here at the top.

2) Lauralaurakirkpatrick4Very strategic of Laura to pick a weapon where she could move a lot. With that said, Laura definitely made a lot out of the prop she picked. Her pose in the middle shot and the right shot is great. I like how she stretched the prop in the right shot, and how she’s putting force on the prop in the middle shot. Her left shot isn’t bad, I quite like her profile there but the body positioning doesn’t flatter her body at all.

3) Erinerinwagner5Composition here is great, but the model is not doing much though. Her face of course looks beautiful but it somewhat rests a bit on the bored side. In the middle shot, she looks a bit just a bit uncomfortable but I like that she took a risk. My favorite from this set would be the right shot, although the pose looks a bit contrived, it is still mixed with a certain power, making me feel as if she’s really a warrior. The left shot is a bit awkward and I hate how her hair looks there.

4) Brittanybrittanymarkert3

Very warrior princess-like. The way they placed the shots is just hideous. It’s a rule in photography that you should never crop photos by knees, wrists, etc. I would’ve probably liked this more if it was placed better. I love her face here, the eerie thing I get from it plus the very determined expression she has really works. Favorite would be the middle shot, Her pose is on point and the face is ready for a war.

5) Raeraeweisz4Another shitty composition. I don’t understand how the other girls got a middle shot and Rae here has two shots on the right and one on the left. I like how big her hair looks here, it definitely matches the warrior theme. The two on the right are good but she’s trying a bit too much and her pose looks somewhat similar. The one on the left is just bad, she looks lost almost clueless, the pose is so random and she look short.

6) Jenniferjenniferan4I used to like this shot a lot like second in my order? But time passed and I dislike it now. Talk about trying too hard, I know she’s trying to push a story, trying to make her shot look dynamic, trying to make her face fierce, trying to do ugly pretty, and all but no. The way her mouth is opened her is not a good look. She looks drunk in left and right and looks hanging in the middle shot. I like the similar pose in left and right but that’s it really.

7) Kara (Eliminated)karavincent4Runner-up for best composition goes to… Kara. I find it funny that they styled her hair like that which has a massive tendency to make a person look younger but it just makes her look older instead. She finally changed her expression but it didn’t work. Her right shot looks awkward. Her face and legs are the only thing doing something here. Her face in a bad way and her legs in a tensed way. The middle shot is hide and seek, and right shot is “Oh I’m about to faint,”.

8) Sundaisundailove4After somewhat always rounding up near the bottom, Sundai finally got her second elimination picture. If Rae’s was a shitty one, then I don’t know what to call this. A disaster perhaps? There is absolute zero connection between the shots maybe the similar poses and the same facial expression in middle and left? They could’ve placed that left shot in the middle and this would’ve been a bit better. No variety of poses and expressions at all. She looks lost in right, drowning in middle, and cocky in a bad way in right.


  1. Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4/3
  2. Nicole (2.6) 1/5/2/2/5/1
  3. Laura (3.5) 5/3/5/5/1/2
  4. Rae (3.8) 2/4/7/3/2/5
  5. Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
  6. Brittany(5.3) 9/2/10/4/3/4
  7. Jennifer (6.3) 4/9/3/8/8/6
  8. Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7/7- (Eliminated Week 6)
  9. Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
  10. Sundai (8.8) 14/11/8/6/6/8
  11. Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
  12. Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
  13. Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
  14. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)

Cirque Mess

Week 5: Cirque de Soleil

From the best shoot of the cycle to the worst one, yes just like that. I like the styling and that’s it. The set is just a bit too messy and the lighting is somewhat cheap-looking, it just degrades the shots more. I don’t like the placement of some of the girls, and I don’t like the way how the dancers stand-out more in some shots. I kind of don’t like the photography as well, the extra space in the bottom part of the photographs definitely contributes to the cheap vibe of the shots. The idea was great, but the execution was just terrible. On top of that, only two girls did great this time.


I am very uninspired to do this so my write-up for every girl will be pretty much short. I’m not going to post close-ups too so yeah.

1) Laura

So someone finally dethroned Erin, this is clearly the best for me. I love the shape she created, the way she arched her back, how her left arm is twisted on the pole, it looks great altogether. The sultry expression matched with the huge hair is very sexy. I do not like how her right leg is hidden behind Ashley’s and how her right arm looks a bit awkward.

2) Rae

Last girl I love from this shoot. I just love how Rae’s face looks here. She’s pulling off a fierce expression and that huge hair definitely helps her in accomplishing what she wanted to go for. Problem here is that I can’t see much of her body and her legs kind of look a bit too static.

3) Brittany

She somewhat looks almost ghostly here but it’s a good look. Her back definitely looks flawless I love how she’s like holding on to the pole but she’s using it to make her lean back more.

4) Erin

Boring but still pretty. She’s not relatively doing a lot it’s like she’s just there and her presence is already enough to make her rank higher than the other girls.

5) Nicole 

Boring but still pretty. She’s not relatively doing a lot it’s like she’s just there and her presence is already enough to make her rank higher than the other girls. Copy pasted Erin’s lol.

6) Sundai

Her pose is like a more refined version of Erin’s but her face looks a bit unsure, and it doesn’t fit how she raised her chin high.

7) Kara

I’m getting tired as to why she just keeps on pulling off the same face every week but she doesn’t get reprimanded or criticized for it. She’s trying to be playful here and I like what she’s going for but she just looks so lost I can’t get to like this. Her face is beautiful, but boring, and I’ve seen it like always.

8) Jennifer

I don’t want to say this but to be honest I think Jennifer looks like a beggar here.Brittany pulled off the make up by looking ghostly, but Jennifer’s face did not handle the make up well that it looks like charcoal on her face. Her eyes are looking at two different directions almost like a chicken. It’s like she wasn’t even a part of the picture, she just ruins Rae’s and Brittany’s picture.

9) Ashley (Eliminated)

She looks like a mother of 3 here and she’s about to give birth to her 4th child good riddance.

  1. Erin (2.6) 6/1/1/1/4
  2. Nicole (3.0) 1/5/2/2/5
  3. Rae (3.6) 2/4/7/3/2
  4. Laura (3.8) 5/3/5/5/1
  5. Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
  6. Brittany(5.6) 9/2/10/4/3
  7. Jennifer (6.4) 4/9/3/8/8
  8. Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7/7
  9. Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
  10. Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
  11. Sundai (9.0) 14/11/8/6/6
  12. Ashley (10.2) 11/10/11/10/9- (Eliminated Week 5)
  13. Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
  14. Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)

Unravel That Beauty!

Week 4: Beauty Shot with Fabric

“Whoever gets best photo will be immuned,” What were you thinking Tyra? Of course you don’t need to tell us and the girls that lol.

Welcome to my favorite shoot of the season! This may be an unpopular opinion but I have always appreciated Tyra’s works and this is no exception, not sure yet because maybe I’m forgetting something but maybe this is my favorite work of hers. I love the ethereal feel and artsy vibes I get from the pictures. It’s like something very light and very soothing to the eyes. Only 2 girls did bad for me and that’s saying something. I love how the scarves blend or contrast to some of the skin of the girls. It was great so see Tyra to shower the girls with compliments although some weren’t really performing up to par with the others. The elimination was fine to me I wasn’t bothered that much since I don’t consider her as one of the great models this cycle but damn it made me kind of sad to see her trying to hold back her tears even though it was clear that she was very disappointed to go home too soon.

1) Erin

erinwagner4                                          “If it’s a race, I’m gonna race to win. I’m not gonna race nice,” “I didn’t push anyone, I pushed through people because people don’t know how to move,” I LOVE YOU! My favorite shot so far in the competition. Maybe with a more established photographer, who maybe can do better justice with this, I can see this shot in Vogue Italia to be honest. I love that it looks like a vintage painting with the nearing to sepia black and white filter. The power in the eyes, it’s like they’re staring right through my soul, I see strong but I also see a certain softness to it, although the strong part is definitely more prominent which just intrigues me more to look at this shot. Her defined jawline here just gives wonders to her face. I love how delicate her body looks, the way she hunches her back in a very haunting way and her hand looks so soft although it’s kind of a bit awkward still, I look past through it every time because I think without the hand positioning, maybe it would detract the overall impact of the shot. I love how her face contradicts her face. The strength in her face matched with the subtle body, is very flattering and makes me love this shot more and more. I had this as a home screen wallpaper in my not that used phone for 3 straight years. This photo is hauntingly beautiful and I love how it enchants me every time I look at this masterpiece. ❤


2) Nicolenicolefox3She’s runner up again to Erin, but unlike last time, I think there’s a fine line with both of their pictures. First the angles are so damn on point, and that slightly pouted lips looks lovely. The twists in this shot is magnificent. I love that she stuck her right arm out to the right then she pushed her hips to the left, how she pushed her head out, and pushed her stomach in. It’s like she battled herself to make it work. Her jawline is very eminent in this shot, matched with how her clavicles are very defined as well. She made negatives, look as positives. At first glance, I thought this was perfect, but I don’t like how her right arm looks scarcely thin and her stomach looks slightly- just a bit bloated. But still a lovely shot overall so, second.

3) Raeraeweisz3So someone was indeed ready to got to her throne in the ice place. I was ready to place Brittany 3rd but while I was about to post Brittany’s shot, I just clicked Rae’s shot and changed the name immediately. The impact of this shot to me after the solid 10 minutes, is huge. It just felt very unjust to place her below Brittany it was like she was convincing me to place her higher lol. I love the ethereal and eerie feel but not frightening type this shot has. Rae looks very delicate here, she’s looks so soft that it makes her look captivating. The color of the scarf does wonders to her, it makes her look stunning. Her eyes just mesmerize me like it’s very inviting and the way how she’s pulling against the scarf totally enthralls me.

4) Brittanybrittanymarkert2 Not that this is a bad shot bad I am not thrilled as much as I am thrilled with the three shots above her. Basically, this shoot was like made for Brittany’s features. She has this very sharp face, sharp nose, sharp jawline, and wide ears– almost elf-like so she was somewhat bound to rock this shoot. It’s not that I’m disappointed with this because there is no denying that this is a great shot. She is definitely rocking the scarf, she’s pushing through it instead of letting it overwhelm her. Which brings me to her head, she’s like pushing it too much that it almost looks gigantic. Her left arm also looks awkward it distracts me. The shot is great as a whole but the flaws are also visible.

5) Lauralaurakirkpatrick3The subtlety in this picture is something to love. I love how the guest judge pointed out that this looks like a Renaissance painting because it really does! This is almost celestial like because of the mellowness the overall picture like. I love how she positioned her body, it made her torso look longer and the shape she created is another thing to appreciate. Even her stretched left arm makes a plus for this shot too. But think the strength in the body is not matched with the face. Her body is like so fragile, but her face needs to soften up more, maybe if she put up more emotion in her face she would’ve probably gotten called 3rd. Can’t complain much since this shot is still great.

6) Sundaisundailove3Finally about time she delivered something great in this competition. Unfortunately this is her only great shot but what makes me more sad is that she will never deliver again the brilliance this photograph has. This girl is serving face and I’m happy that she’s not pouting her lips here. Those eyes are just screaming so much, screaming in a frail kind of way. It’s like her eyes do so much in this picture which surprises me so much that this is coming from her. If only she did not raise that eyebrow up this would’ve been miles better. But great improvement Sundai!

7) Karakaravincent3This is beautiful but boring. She’s just there, looking at the camera, being beautiful. I don’t feel the need to say much since it can be clearly seen in this photograph.

8) Jenniferjenniferan3This is interesting for all the wrong reasons. It interests me as to why she thought of this. You all know probably that I like it when Jennifer brings drama– emotion in her pictures. But this is a total exception. I appreciate that she committed to the photoshoot, she wanted to try to do something different, but damn this is not the right time to try something hard. It’s like everything is working for you, you just need to evoke simple emotions in a simple way, not overdo everything. The expression is too much already and it is matched with “I’m feeling crazy so I’ll put my hand on the side of the head,” and the scarf pull. This is just too much for me.

9) Bianca (Eliminated)biancarichardson3She’s back again with smelling something bad. Her face here looks bad because of the lower half. I think her eyes look decent, at least they have a little life in them, but the nose and lips bother me. The way how she pushed her mouth upward makes me think she’s smelling something bad, and the opened lips are not helping at all. I kind of like how she positioned her body but I see what Nigel said, she kinds of look like an athlete, like she’s on a track.

10) Ashleyashleyhoward3This shot scares me, not in a good way. First of all, she should’ve gotten right from the start of the shot that she wasn’t doing things right. She was sent back to the stylists two times so she should’ve gotten a clue that she wasn’t pleasing Tyra that much. She isn’t pushing through the fabric and it’s a shame because I actually think that the fabric over her face looks good like it suits her face and she’s not doing justice to it at all.


  1. Erin (2.2) 6/1/1/1
    Nicole (2.5) 1/5/2/2
    Rae (4.0) 2/4/7/3
    Laura (4.5) 5/3/5/5
    Courtney (5.0) 3/7- (Eliminated Week 2)
    Jennifer (6.0) 4/9/3/8
    Brittany(6.2) 9/2/10/4
    Kara (6.8) 10/6/4/7
    Lulu (8.0) 7/8/9- (Eliminated Week 3)
    Bianca (8.8) 8/12/6/9- (Eliminated Week 4)
    Sundai (9.8) 14/11/8/6
    Ashley (10.5) 11/10/11/10
    Rachel (12.0) 12- (Eliminated Week 2)
    Lisa (13.0) 13- (Eliminated Week 1)



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